Swansea Bay Moments

We can each look at a place in different ways, our perspectives influenced by our own preconceptions and experiences. Everyone has distinct and varied wishes when searching for a holiday away from the daily grind. A great tourism campaign communicates a broad variety of things to see and do in a given locale. After seeing our work ‘Bright Futures’, Visit Swansea Bay approached Woofy to collaborate on their 2015 tourism campaign. We collaborated to create #SwanseaBayMoments, an online campaign driven forward with seven films created by Woofy. We used to send postcards to our friends and family which recorded a time, place and emotions we were feeling on holiday. Now every time we tweet, update our Facebook or Instagram, we’re capturing moments and sharing them. We’re sending personal postcards to everyone we know. They record our thoughts, feelings and experiences. The moments of our lives. On holiday, these moments are amplified. The moment you unzip the tent, take a deep breath and are awed by the sunrise over a bay. The wind whipping your face as you race at full speed on a bike through a dense forest. The goal with our films was to capture these moments. The campaign film is designed to be the first seen and acts as an overview for the other six films. Each of the others are themed to target different types of holiday; amazing discoveries, outdoor adventure, shared experiences, culture, relaxation, food & drink. The films are designed to be explored one by one, the visitors being able to explore exactly which types of holiday interest them.

We also produced a 30 second commercial to further drive traffic to the rest of the films.


Client: Visit Swansea Bay
Agency: Woofy
Director / DOP: Christian Bradshaw, Craig Spenceley & Freddie Mills
Starring: Kirsty West, Stephen Brouwer, Adrian Williams, Jane Williams, Fran Newman, Jem Treays, Ella Treays, Louis Treays

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