A Man’s Life

Part of a series of 7 short films for an interactive experience in Wales.

In collaboration with Chartism historical expert Les James, we produced and directed a series of 7 short films for an exhibit detailing the last trial for High Treason in the UK. It follows the story of Chartist leader John Frost who was arrested in 1839 and accused of inciting a riot in Newport. He was tried for High Treason by the Crown in 1840. Visitors to the experience are encouraged to explore the courtroom where the trial took place and piece together the story of what happened. The series of films viewable in the courtroom where the trial took place detail its events using counterpoints – ‘interviews’ with people on both sides of the argument. With both sides biased to some degree, it becomes up to the audience to decide whether justice has been done by the trial’s conclusion.


Client: Monmouthshire Council
Agency: Engine Creative
Director / DOP: Craig Spenceley
Starring: Gareth Potter

Producer / Director: Craig Spenceley
Producer: Christian Bradshaw
Director of Photography: Pete Wallington
Editor: Ben Hedley
Colourist: Craig Spenceley
Music and Sound Design: Nate Connelly

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